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Ralph Marucci is the CEO and Co-Founder of HYDR8 in NYC. Ralph and his partner Eric began the company in 2016, after spending six years building a similar brand in the water quality field. The goal for HYDR8 is to make NYC greener, while servicing businesses with the finest in water quality. Ralph graduated from The City University of New York, Brooklyn College campus, with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Marketing. He went on to start his own business with two friends. After selling his shares, he took on a role with Johnson & Johnson on their surgical sales team. In 2014, Ralph finished first out of 55 others in sales. He has always had a credo of serving others while volunteering through his local church, and making financial contributions via New Missions, Compassion, and St. Jude, in an effort to combat poverty and end world hunger, particularly in the lives of children. Ralph carries his mission of redeeming the Tri-State area’s water quality, using the latest in technology to purify each source of impurities at the point of use. While the water quality speaks for itself, the company’s focus is on service- the belief that water should be there to help you do your job, not be part of it. Born and raised in NYC, Ralph continues to call it home with his wife and two children.