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What We’re About

Since our early beginnings in 2001, the focus of Connect 4 has always been on fostering quality, long-term relationships for mutual benefit. We are a small, tight-knit community of business owners and top-level executives dedicated to supporting each other both personally and professionally. While we have evolved over the years, we have always existed to help one another grow our businesses, grow professionally, and grow our respective networks.

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Our members hail from a wide array of industries including marketing, law, accounting, construction, and many others. We are made up of established executives with decades of experience, younger entrepreneurs driving innovation, and everything in between. 

Complimenting this broad range, we share a common trait: the commitment to be there for each other, in times of success and challenge alike. We celebrate each other’s victories, support each other in crisis, and seek counsel and advice from each other. In many cases our members use the group as an ad-hoc advisory board utilizing the group’s experience as a guide in the everchanging business landscape. 

At Connect 4, we seek depth over breadth, prioritizing meaningful relationships over large numbers. We believe that real connection comes from mutual understanding and shared experiences, and we embody this belief in everything we do, whether we’re hosting formal events or meeting for a round of golf (and cocktails).

The individuals who make up our community are not just exceptional in their respective fields but are also genuinely good people. We each contribute our unique perspectives and expertise to help one another become better people and better at what we do.