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Edward R. Freiberg



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With a penchant for wearing one of his more than 40 vests each day, Ed Freiberg has become known as the “Vest-Dressed Broker” in New York City. More than just a snappy turn of phrase, this nickname is an emblem of the personal touch Ed brings to his real estate practice. As he puts it, “I work very hard for my clients. Some may even say I have a ‘vested’ interest in their lives. Their home is a large part of who they are, and it’s why I care so deeply about how I advise and assist them.”

A native New Yorker and 9-year veteran of the industry, Ed has a large, deep-rooted local network, a thorough understanding of the market and an unmatched comfort level with the inner workings of the city. Creative, resourceful and amiable, Ed sees it as his personal mission to make the stressful, chaotic business of New York real estate as easy and as fun as possible. “I strive to take the mayhem and strain of the process off my clients’ shoulders, so they can sit back and enjoy the process,” he says.

Prior to his real estate career, Ed was a successful television producer, entrepreneur and restaurateur. In his free time, he can be found indulging his continued passion for New York’s unbeatable restaurant scene, and of course, shopping for vests.