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Craig Bartner

Principal Consultant, Expense Reduction Analysts


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Craig has over ten years of experience delivering successful  client outcomes by marshaling the resources of ERA to suit your  organization’s unique needs. 

In 2009, Craig joined Expense Reduction Analysts (ERA) as a Principal Consultant  in the State of New Jersey and Manhattan region. Craig has focused on client  acquisition and project management with an emphasis on manufacturing and  distribution companies. By providing value through insight, Craig and his ERA  colleagues have consistently helped their clients achieve double-digit savings  in business-critical expenditures, including Operating Consumables, Logistics,  Telecommunications, and Personnel Services. 

Craig has participated in seminars geared towards family-owned businesses where  has spoken on enhancing cash flow/EBITDA by optimizing procurement procedures  and policies. He has over ten years of experience delivering successful client  outcomes by marshaling the resources of ERA to suit your organization’s unique  needs. 


• Prior to joining ERA, Craig had a 20+ year career on Wall Street as an institutional  Fixed Income salesperson at CJ Lawrence, Bank Paribas, and Lehman Brothers with  a focus on Credit sales. 

• From 2008 – 2009, Craig helped develop and manage a middle-market  institutional credit derivatives sales team at Citibank.  

• Craig earned a BA in Political Science from the University of Rochester (1981) and  an MBA from Duke University (1984) with a concentration in Finance.