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Andrew Schenkel

Founder and CEO, Double Play Marketing and Sales


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Andrew is the Founder and CEO of Double Play Marketing and Sales. The agency serves as an outsourced Chief Marketing Officer/Marketing Department and performs lead generation for their clients. They take a data driven and sales approach to all marketing and lead generating activations which include, social media, video, email marketing, copywriting, and digital work.

Andrew graduated from Drexel University in 2012 and spent the first part of his career in Fortune 500 branding, working for companies such as the National Basketball Association and Warner Music Group. From there, he changed industries to construction where he worked for Apollo Electric on marketing, sales, and strategic growth. During the Covid shut down in 2020, he started his firm.

Andrew resides in New Jersey with his wife Jessica, his newborn daughter Madison, and their dog Yogi. He’s also an avid sports fan, and plays basketball, softball, and golf.